The bond in true friendship(short tales of Tarra)

***In the cool evening of the twenty first day of may,2020,Tarra a beautiful young lady in her early 30’s lay on a couch at the balcony of her two bedroom apartment,dressed in a bump-short and a sexy orange Crossed- back singlets feeling the warmth of the weather and cool breeze blowing on her smooth melanin skin.while she read a book titled “fantasies of Nadia”,then suddenly she stopped and closed the book because she thought she heard a noise from her room..she heard her friend Tonia call her name from the bedroom,she hurried in and found Tonia holding her stomach rolling on the floor shouting out for help,she had eaten a contaminated food that she left open at the balcony in the early hours of the day..Tarra got some scared and she rushed Tonia to the clinic 10 kilometers far from where they lived…she cried that she didn’t want to loose Tonia because they had been besties right from childhood,they had sweet and bitter memories together and in a month time Tonia would be getting married so this scared Tarra very much,she didn’t want to loose a friend and a sister..Tonia had been her only family after she lost her parents and younger sister Kim in a ghastly motor accident on a vacation when she was in her final year in the university,Tonia took her as her sister and since then they have become so inseperable***Tonia cried on the strecher while she was dragged in by the doctors,Tarra was asked to wait at the reception while they attend to her friend,Tarra waited anxiously pacing around and praying inside her heart for Tonia to survive this,after 45minutes of waiting,the doctor came out to announce to her with a smile beaming on her face,a smile of hope shown all over Tarra eagerly stood up from the seat and hastened towards the doctor to ask of her friends health,the doctor broke the good news to her telling her how they were able to give her some treatments to clean her system which the tests revealed that it was a food infection caused by contamination and Tarra can go and see her but she needs to be well taken care of in order to recover fully,Tarra was so happy and hugged the doctor out of happiness..then she ran straight into the ward where Tonia layed helplessly on her sick bed,with a weak and faint smile on Tonia’s face,Farra’s heart leap for joy on seeing her dear friend being able to smile again!…Tarra hugged her and whispered to her ear“I don’t want to loose you,I don’t want to loose the only family i’ve got”..after few days at the hospital,Tonia was discharged and Tarra came to drive her home and every since then Tarra took great care of her friend…These two friends had always been together,even when they had issues between them it stays with them without letting a third party hear of it,they sorted things out…a month later Tonia got married to her dream man and Tarra was her maid of honor..two months later Tarra got married to her heart rob and these two friends brought their families closer and still continued the bond!!**this short story illustrates the essence of maintaining a relationship,the parties involved in a relationship should be there for eachother no matter the situation,they should always show gratitude by appreciating your partner..many people today has lost their essence of being in that relationship,problems will rise but how you were able to handle it is what matters most,in all use wisdom…relationships should be a benefit to all the parties involved not just to one individual,it should be mutual in all ramifications..Learn to keep a relationship for a longer period,if it must be broken it should be for a reasonable yourself,love people and love God because without these you cannot offer love nor even attach yourself with anyone because at some point you will become a threat to them,so apply wisdom and learn from your mistakes,remember “relationship is mutual not selfish”!!****.

Imperfectly perfect you

You are special,you should treat others special and should equally be treated likewise,you may wonder what might be the cause of some people shading you,have you ever thought of some soul searching?..truth is not everyone has the time to do this and that is why you get so downcasted when hurt! is important to note that you’re imperfect,no man is perfect except God,therefore you must work towards your perfect nature so as to be an imperfectly perfect individual!

What you must do!!

1- observe a soul searching: this process helps you think deep on your past experiences and also search if there was something wrong you keep repeating,then you suggest ways to correct these mistakes within yourself because you are the only one who can tell yourself the truth!!

2- put your thoughts into action- the result of your soul searching is shown in your actions which demands you to make amends for your past mistakes.

3-peace within:after all has been put in place,try to find peace through happiness because a happy person is a healthy need to do things that makes you happy even if it means displeasing others for ones in other to please yourself just do it!! You only live ones!!

I hope this was helpful,your partner/spouse should accept your imperfections and help you become perfect,also work on your imperfections and make them look perfect,never think less of yourself because you are awesomely made!!

Swiftly smooth

Everything you wished for may not seem to come easy,all you ever wanted was a swiftly smooth life from the start but for some reasons all seem to be looking impossible to accomplish..I know how it feels!

When life gives you a thousand reasons to cry,you should give life a million reasons to smile and be happy..Another important thing about facing your reality is to stay strong,own up to your mistakes,cry out for help when necessary,stay focused in achieving something worth living for because the reality is that challenges may never stop rising but the manner as to how it is being defeated is the only thing that matters!!

Free as a bird!

The birds are always free to soar into the sky,flap their wings and fly as far as their wings could carry them,when you’re in a relationship that keeps killing your ego,respect,happiness,self-admiration and positive thinking all you pray for at the moment is to be free as the bird in the deep blue is your choice to make,either to walk away or rather stay back and suffer the consequences…if your spouse or partner keeps hurting you,you should be strong enough to choose to be happy and walk away…your freedom is important!!

The little minds

Sometimes our minds are always clouded with thoughts that make it hard for us to be has a lot to offer if only we fight for the right thing and carry out our responsibilities accordingly…..those that let their emotions define them or their actions are the ones with little minds,yes it is possible to be hurt,or be faced with any challenge but yet the mind needs to be open for new possibilities out there,don’t be totally shut from the realities of life..learn to accept the realities and just hope for the best to come!